Non Destructive Testing

Need of NDT

The need of testing hardened concrete has been felt for a few decades. The present methods of testing fresh concrete such as cube test, slump test are now being supported by various Non Destructive Testing methods. To assess the integrity of old or new concrete and reinforcement, Non destructive testing is one of the most powerful and reliable tools. The need of conducting non destructive testing for condition assessment of the RCC structures has grown considerably in recent times, due to increase in number of structures, showing signs of distress.

The Non Destructive Testing is being fast, easy to use at site and relatively less expensive can be used for

  • Test actual structure instead of representative cube sample
  • Test any number of points and any locations
  • Quality control tool
  • Assess the structure for various distressed conditions
  • Damage assessment due to fire, chemical attack, impact, age etc.
  • Detect cracks, voids, fractures, honeycombs and week locations
  • Monitor progressive changes in the properties of concrete , reinforcement etc.
  • Assess overall stability of the structure
  • Monitoring repair and rehabilitation systems
  • Scanning for reinforcement location, stress locations.

We have a full range of NDT instruments and conduct tests such as