Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing plants form the life-line of any manufacturing company. We help manufacturing companies enhance the return on investments from their manufacturing facilities in the following ways:

  • Quality audits of plants under construction to provide a third-party validation based on best-in-class field and lab test equipment
  • Enhance the longevity of existing manufacturing structures by leveraging our expertise and equipment for performing visual inspection even in hard to reach parts of the structure, non-destructive testing, quality audit and structural consultancy for repair and rehabilitation as necessary.
  • Change of use assessment in cases where the plant is being considered for total change of use or for increased loading of materials or equipment.We offer testing for the assessment and consultancy for structural changes and reinforcements necessary for change of use.
  • Modification assessment to validate suitability and structural suitability for intended use, in cases where structural modifications have already been done.
  • Third-party validation in cases of asset valuation for debt/equity financing and also in cases of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Forensic audits to establish a third-party validation for insurance claims in case of any disaster at the plant.Usability audit with repair and rehabilitation consulting in cases of damage to structure due to any disaster.Compliance audits to meet statutory compliance requirements.
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