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Non Destructive Testing

Non Destructive Testing : We have a full range of NDT instruments and conduct tests such as -

Rebound Hammer Test – To assess the quality and strength of site concrete
Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test - To assess the quality and strength of site concrete
Concrete Core Extraction – To assess the strength of site concrete, Making holes in RCC for Plumbing / Electrical purpose
GPR – Ground Penetrating Radar
Rebar Location & Cover-meter – Locating Reinforcement in the concrete.
Half-cell potential Test & Resistivity Test - for reinforcement corrosion mapping
Pile Integrity Test – For assessing the integrity, continuity & depth of pile
Flat Jack Test
Micro-Drill Resistance of Timber
Vibration Measurement – For measuring Displacement, Velocity & Acceleration of civil structures.
Drone Camera - To inspect the inaccessible structures like Chimneys, Bridges, Tall structures, Multi storey buildings
Endoscopy / Bore scope - To inspect the in-accessible areas of structures , building components, Heritage structures, pipes
Underwater Inspection - To inspect underwater structures such as Bridge piers, Columns, Pile foundations, Dam walls, Water tanks, Water Treatment plants, Effluent Treatment plants. No need of Divers. Get a good quality Image and Video by a professional underwater camera.
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge – For metal plates, pipes
Moisture Measurement – For measuring the moisture / dampness in timber, masonry, concrete, plaster
Infrared Thermometers – Used in combination with Moisture meters to identify the temperature gradient and spot temperatures from a long distance by just sighting the object., a very useful tool in structural audits of the buildings, water structures, chimney etc.
Load Test – Performance acceptance test for flexural members & Bridges
• Carbonation , Sulphate / Chloride Content tests
Resistivity Test

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